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Twitter's Head of Trust and Safety Resigns

Ella Irwin is the second person in that role to leave since Musk completed his takeover in October. Source link

3 Teens Killed and Ate a New York Village’s Beloved Swan, Police Say

Swans have long held sway in Manlius, an upstate New York village where the web-footed creatures have lived for more than a century. Residents...

Protests Erupt in Senegal After Opposition Leader Is Sentenced to Prison

A court in Senegal sentenced the country’s leading opposition figure to two years in prison on Thursday after finding him guilty of “corrupting youth,”...

A Black Girl Won the 1908 Spelling Bee. Her Family Is Searching for Her Medal.

“When our research led us to her story, we couldn’t believe how little-known and under-celebrated it was,” Malcolm Massey, a language expert at the...

US President Joe Biden trips and falls at Colorado event

A White House official said Mr Biden, 80, had tripped over a sandbag on stage but is feeling "fine". Source link