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Singer Rahul Vaidya recently shared a mirror selfie on Instagram showing off his chiselled body with the caption, “16 hours fasting every day is working well [flexing muscle and heart eye emojis].” The photo garnered compliments from his fans on social media and his wife, Disha Parmar, with whom he is expecting a baby. While Disha posted drooling face emojis in the comments section, a few fans posted, “Omg, look at you,” “Those abs,” and “You are my inspiration.” In a recent interview with HT City, Rahul revealed that intermittent fasting is the secret behind his swoon-worthy body.

Rahul Vaidya practises intermittent fasting to lose weight. (Instagram)

Rahul Vaidya started practising intermittent fasting a month and a half ago after suffering from a back injury. Intermittent fasting means that you don’t eat for a period of time each day or week – cycling between voluntary fasting and non-fasting. Rahul shared, “I have been suffering from a back injury. That has made my back very weak; it doesn’t allow me to work out. I was putting on weight and getting heavier. So, I thought if I’m not able to burn the calories, I might as well regulate [food] intake.” The singer fasts about 18 hours a day, and on Thursday, he just has water.

The singer added, “I think it is great for the regeneration of cells. My body type is such that anything that I do for about 20 days or three weeks, it shows an effect suddenly. I’ve lost weight; I look much leaner and feel better.” However, he tries to balance the practice, avoids stressing his body, and tweaks the diet according to his schedule. It’s tough to manage work with a fasting schedule. So, I try and keep it a little flexible when I’m doing [live shows]. I can’t be singing on an empty stomach,” Rahul shared.

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Though Rahul got better results by practising intermittent fasting to lose weight, he also had a word of caution for his followers. “Not all bodies can take fasting. As much as I am advocating this, I also feel that talk to an expert before going for this,” Rahul said.

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